All toys remain the property of the Bulls Toy Library Incorporated. 

Toys may be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time, and renewed once. 

You may borrow up to 4 toys and 3 puzzles at a time.

Late fees will be charged for overdue toys at $2 per week. If toys are more than 4 weeks overdue with no contact your membership will be terminated and police contacted.

While general wear and tear of toys is expected, if a toy is returned damaged beyond repair or enough pieces missing to render the toy unusable, we will ask for the toy to be replaced. Please do not try to repair the toy yourself.

Missing pieces are charged at $5 per piece if the toy remains usable. 

All toys are potentially dangerous; Please store all plastic bags in a safe place.

Supervise small children and babies near items with small pieces.

Please advise us of any safety concerns so that we can label the item accordingly.

Please follow the age recommendations


Care of children at the toy library:

Members must take full responsibility for the actions of the children in their care whilst on the Bulls Toy Library Inc premises.

The Bulls Toy Library Inc reserves the right to take appropriate action when necessary.



Members are warmly invited to join the committee at any time. Meetings are held at the beginning of each month at night time. Many hands make light work and we promise we will not overwork you! Please talk to the librarian on duty next time you are in if you are interested.



As with all voluntary organisations, we need to undertake fundraising projects/activities. We appreciate any help given in supporting the various projects 

We look after the toys for you please look after them for us.

The Librarian must be informed of any broken or damaged toys and or any missing pieces


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